Giannis Aggelakas


We watch Giannis Aggelakas in his birthplace Thessaloniki rehearsing with the band "Visitors" in his house as well as their studio. During the show we learn that Giannis is the coordinator of a 15 member music band and watch their relationship in everyday life with frequent interruptions by musical intervals of various concerts.

During the episode we next leave Thessaloniki and follow him in the making of the latest film by Pantelis Voulgaris in Kastoria. Suddenly we are transported to the era of the civil war and on this historical background we listen to Giannis' thoughts on how he created the movie's soundtrack in his mind. Finally, we return back to the studio in Thessaloniki to watch the implementation of these thoughts and the recordings of the polyphonic music ensembles from Epirus.

Directed by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
Montage/film making: Gianna Pogiatzi