Since its creation in 1996, ONOS has produced documentaries with a wide range of topics including social, environmental, ethnological, folkloric, musical, religious and political issues.

Our company's collaborators, people with a great amount of experience in and devotion to the documentary genre, have created a strong and flexible production team that works in tune with the pace of the global market. The company's high production criteria and its constant growing wide network of contacts have earned "Onos Productions" a significant place in the global network of documentary production.

With more than 300 hours of television programming, ONOS, for the past 12 years, has been collaborating with the Greek public television and specifically with NET channel of ERT S.A. Indicative of ONOS' productions are the very successful TV series, "Travelling" with journalist Maya Tsoclis and "World Music", a global music program which focuses on the exploration of different musical styles, genres and the places where they emerged.

The "Wandering Soul" production, made in 2010 and directed by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, was awarded at the International Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki (and in two more festivals in Europe) and after that the company kept on producing successful documentaries widely shown in cinema halls all over Greece.
"Onos Productions" recently launched its new 13 episode documentary series of contemporary Turkey titled "Orient Express".
Moreover, in the end of 2011 the company created "Onos Film Produksiyon Ltd" in Istanbul, bringing a new perspective in turkish television.

The two companies now have a wide network of contacts in the Middle East, Africa and all over the world, as a result of their great experience and dynamic presence in the international documentary scene.