Mexico City


Maya Tsoclis invites us to a fascinating journey around Mexico. We start from the giant capital city of 20.000.000 inhabitants, home to a wonderful mixture of the Aztec past, the colonialism era and modern architecture. Maya will walk around the historic centre and the poor neighborhoods of Tepito where locals worship Santa Muerte and she will visit the movie studios of Televisa where the famous Mexican soap operas are produced. Later, she will visit Frida Kahlo's and Diego Rivera's houses and she'll admire the murals of the three greatest Mexican muralists as well as the most important modern art collection in Latin America in Jumex foundation. She will watch Lucha Libre wrestling and she will enjoy the Mariachi music in Lake Xochimilco. Finally, Maya will fly to Tijuana, to meet with famous singer Lila Downs and the artist collective Bulbo.