Maya Tsoclis visits Nairobi, the Green City in the Sun, invited by the foundation of a multinational refreshment drinks company, which wished to present to the European media its corporate social responsibility projects in Africa. Together with other journalists, Maya will visit NGOs supported by the foundation, working to alleviate the sufferings of the Kenyan people, resulting partly from the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Then, Maya will visit a Nairobi neighborhood where very few white people enter. With her young guide, Kennedy, the founder of a cultural association for the youth, she will discover Kibera, the biggest shanty town of Africa. But why Kenya is considered for decades as one of the most popular destination in Africa? "Travelling" will visit magical Masai Mara, the most famous game reserve in the world and home of the Masai tribe, who still live according to their traditional ways. Because of the tourist development, the reserve hosts many luxury resorts in the spirit of the "colonial safari camp".