Italy - Tuscany


This time, "Travelling" takes us to one of the most civilized places in the world. Maya Tsoclis starts her visit in the cradle of Renaissance from the Prato region, the most renowned centre of the textile industry in Italy. In a beautiful estate, Giuliano Gori keeps one of the most important contemporary art collections in Europe. The journey will take us to Chianti, where the Antinori family develops its wine making activities. Coralia Piniateli, a Greek winemaker, has also settled in the same region. Maya stays in her wonderful guest house, which used to be a medieval monastery. Together, they will visit Siena, famous for the Palio festival, and the journey to Tuscany will continue to the ancient Etruscan settlements, with the help of an ideal guide, ERT's correspondent in Italy, Dimitris Deliolanis.