China: the one child big experiment


From over three decades, the world's most numerous nation has been exercising a     huge and controversial society experiment, the "one child policy", by using elaborate  motives and ratifications, in order to limit its magnitude. At the beginning, the experiment's goal was the hunger deletion and the increase of the biotic level and without a doubt, the results were, at east to this point, impressive, with China having today the world's second most powerful economy.

So, the twenty-first century's Chinese people live, with no comparison, much better     and they have the biggest collective appetite than any other country. They consume more food, much energy, more products than ever. One quarter of China's inhabitants, that equals to the U.S.'s total population, belongs now to the middle class. And this middle class, that mainly lives in the city centers, takes extreme care of its only child. It provides to him the best education, the best diet, the best massive products. It gives to him the promise of an auspicious future.

Maya Tcoklis travels to China and she meets not only disciplined and faithful to the law families, but also examples of disorganized and revolutionary ones...