Barcelona, Spain


In the most musical - and youthful city of Europe, Barcelona, the Word's Music travel us with a documentary that brings to the surface the most dynamically emerging music scene today. The youthful Barcelona, sleepless Barcelona- the paradise of alternative young people, consists one of the most cosmopolitan experiments in Europe. And its music scene, that integrates flamenco, rumba catalana, rock and hip-hop, has become a mirror for this unprecedented music expansion that enriches the presence of immigrants in Barcelona.

The World's Music travelled in the city that adopted Manu Chao and with his presence and music inspired many young musicians and met the most important artists and bands of the actual music scene of Barelona: the music collective of the Ojos de Brujo, that renew their dynamic flamenco integrating it with hip-hop, Macaco with his unique personal style inspired by the tradition of  rumba catalana, Muchachito that is listened everywhere, the 08001 to whom participate 35 musicians from 14 different countries, the artists of the street with their dynamic presence, musicians of pop and jazz. 

With the background of wild Barcelona of the anti- frankists, Barcelona of the important artists and writers, Barcelona of architects and Barcelona of constant change, consisting one of the most successful experiments of spatial and urban renewal, music travels us in a present that has bet with the future.