Rajastan, India


Rajasthan, in northern India, is considered to be the birthplace of the Gypsies, the area where they started their long journey more than 1.000 years ago. Today's Rajasthan is a wonderful landscape dotted with maharajas' palaces, an explosion of colours and sounds, unique in India and our planet as well. In Jaipur, we meet Hamid Khan, the musician behind Musafir and Jaipur Kawa Brass Band, responsible for the spread of the music of Rajasthan in the West and the strong Gypsy traditions of the Divana, the band formed by Gazi Khan Barna, who belongs to the gypsy Mangniyar caste, the members of which still live in a feudal-like system of master and servant. World Music discovers many other musicians and the century old traditions they carry through their music in the modern day international musical landscape.

It is a journey in a magical country with the great ancient "Holi" Festival as a background. A festival connected with the coming of spring, full of colours, fires, elephants, Hindu rituals and lots of fun!