Berlin Kreuzberg 36, Germany


In this documentary we are travelling in Kreuzberg, one of the most historical neighborhoods in Berlin. Home of the hippies and later the punks, anarchists and several left groups of the 70's and 80's, Kreuzberg still keeps alive its autonomous spirit. Throughout the years many people from poor countries and especially Turkey have moved into Kreuzberg transforming it into a pilgrimage of immigrants where they have been able to unify against the racism of fascist Germany. Today Kreuzberg is the 5th biggest area of Turkish population in the world.  Kreuzberg or as the Turks say, "little Istanbul", is nowadays an authentic area of all of the alternative forms of street art like graffiti, break-dance, rap, hip-hop and beat box. This documentary is trying to explore the music of Kreuzberg and the voice of the new generation of immigrants. This music speaks 3 languages: English, German and Turkish and it is made out of people who know very well what means to be a minority, either Ethnical, religious or political. Home country for these young musicians is neither Germany nor Turkey but rather the streets of Kreuzberg. For them, tradition is the old graffitis on the walls, the rhymes that they write in the cafes or in the parks, the sounds that are made in the poor home-studios and the live concerts they give in the neighborhood's squares.