"World Music" takes us on a special journey to the country where the whole planet focuses on nowadays and music is a matter of politics, Iran. In the first part of the documentary, Leonidas Antonopoulos pays a visit to Tehran, a city where despite strict prohibitions the voice of the young people is heard through rap, rock, heavy metal and, of course, the greatest voices of classical Iranian music.
Leonidas Antonopoulos meets the singer Shahram Nazeri, the reviver of classical Iranian music and the all-female band Rozaneh. We see the first Iranian rappers recording their songs in secret, the first Iranian death metal band "Seven deadly Sins", being obliged to perform in front of a seated audience and never sing their lyrics in public, and the first mixed gender pop group, Arian.
In the second part Leonidas Antonopoulos leaves Tehran by car on a trip beyond phenomena, with Kurdish virtuoso tanbur player Ali Akbar Morandi being the driver. In ancient Tabriz they had the opportunity to learn about the age-old Caucasian tradition of the Asiki, by Asikis Hassan.
Leonidas Antonopoulos also visited a Sufi "opium den" and was present at an impressive religious ceremony where the believers came to ecstasy and then went to Iranian Kurdistan accompanied by Morandi, to festivals and weddings reminiscent of Greece. The folkloric sounds of the Al-e Haq brotherhood to which Morandi belongs guided us to every unknown corner of this country.