India in music


The classic Indian music is the bridge that connects the present with the great civilization of India. On this "bridge" walk the "World's Music", travelling from the 60's when, through the Beatles, Ravi Shankhar became a pop star, opening the door for the west to the classic Indian music. 

The World's Music travelled to the North, New Delhi and to the South, Chennai (ex Madras) and met some of the most important musicians of India, like the percussionist Zakir Hussain, the daughter of Ravi Shankhar, Anouska, the violin player L. Subramaniam, the master of sarod  Amjad Ali Kha, Chitravina Ravikiran, and many more musicians and performers. 

Having as guides the artists themselves, there is a music tour in the history and in both two big systems of Indian music: the tradition «Hindustani» of the North, with influence of Islam and Mongolian conquerors and the "Carnatic" tradition of the South, the oldest and most "original" system.