Brass Band Summit at Gucha, Serbia


"World Music" travels to the heart of Serbia to witness the biggest party in the Balkans, the brass band festival at Gucha, a musical meeting which attracts the crème de la crème of brass musicians, gypsy and non-gypsy. Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend the festival to get drunk, to dance, to fall in love. Dozens of bands turn the village into a real life "Underground", but there's only one true protagonist: the great gypsy trumpet player Boban Marcovic, who gained international fame after performing the gypsy repertoire in Emir Kusturica's movies. Leonidas Antonopoulos meets with Boban as well as with dozens of musicians and brass music fans, who, under the auspices of the government and Serbian nationalists, have turned a modest music competition into a crazy party, which forms something like a Balkan Babylon.