NET channel's tribute to the biggest names as well as the history and evolution of Cuban music continues with a hot topic; The salsa, which is "hot" because when it comes to salsa all arguments begin...

Is it truly a separate genre of music? And if so what is it? Is it Cuban music or not? Is it the "Son" which was named "salsa" after the enemies of Cuban revolution who wanted to steal it from Cuba? Anyway, this is a serious and long lasting controversy.

Today when we talk about salsa music, we refer to the music played by the Latinos that live in America since the end of the 60's especially in New York. Many Cubans say that it is the traditional "Son" but with more instruments, mostly electric ones.

But we must not forget that the excellent Cuban artists co-created salsa along with the excellent musicians from Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and other Latin American countries and that this species was based on the mambo and cha-cha-cha orchestras already existing since the 50's.

So the salsa music that conquered the world from the 70's and on, owes a lot to the "Son", the Cuban music and the Cuban artists. It is a new different kind of music not because it sounds differently, but because it was born to fulfill different needs and match different situations.