Crete, Greece


"World Music" documentary team travels to Crete, a joyous greek island, and feels like …flying when watches the steps of the typical local dance. In the first part, Leonidas Antonopoulos meets great musicians who keep the tradition alive, but also those who dare to experiment with it, inspiring the sounds of the songs and their lyrics. The documentary follows them to their homes and villages, to festivals and concerts, especially to places where the traditional dances and songs of Crete are still alive.
Leonidas Antonopoulos is having an interesting conversation with the first woman that recorded Cretan songs, Lavrentia Bernidaki, and also meeting Psarantonis as well as his son Psarogiorgis, the best lute player in the world. Then he attends wedding ceremonies at Anogia and celebrations at Kissamos and Lasithi, has a talk with the most important contemporary rhymer, Mitsos Stavrakakis, bears witness of the art of Dimitris Sgouros, Stelios Lainakis, Vangelos Vardakis and Stelios Petrakis. He also encounters the man that strongly affected musical creativity in Crete, Ross Daly.
During the second part, "World Music" makes a stop at Anogia, the biggest music tank of Crete, also the birthplace of the famous Nikos Xylouris. The musical identity of this village has been created by the famous "Anogian company", that gave this place its special music style. Leonidas Antonopoulos unfolds the history of the musical tradition of Anogia through the members of this company especially their lead lute player Nikiforos Aerakis, who manages to maintain this long lasting tradition.