There is a country at the edge of the Arabic Peninsula, opposite the Horn of Africa, where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean. They say it's the land of the Queen of Sheba, a crossroads between Africa, Middle East and Asia, the starting point of the myrrh and frankincense route. The Romans have named this rich and fertile land Arabia Felix - Happy Arabia - and we know it as Yemen. Maya Tsoclis takes us on a journey of discovery in this magical place rich with great architecture, natural beauties and deep-rooted racial conscience.

After the capital city of Sana'a, Maya visits the fort villages of mount Haraz. The region is famous for the beauty of its environment and its walled villages, perched on inaccessible mountain slopes. However, Yemen still has many surprises: we follow the ancient route of the caravans to the Indian Ocean, which fell into decline in the 1960s, when the relations between the British and the Marxists deteriorated in the south and a civil war between Royalists and Republicans broke in the north. We follow the Hadramut valley, home to some of the finest settlements of out of planet, and our journey ends at the shores of the rich Arab Sea.