Uganda is a fairy tale. But instead of the magic bean tree, you can climb up to the railway station and you finally arrive at a wonderful new world... The country's landscape and the people are much different from any other african country. Uganda is the "Pearl of Africa", quite rightly named so by Winston Churchill in 1907 and until today there isn't a single doubt about it

To the eyes of the western visitor Uganda looks like a concentration of Africa's beauty. In the grounds of Uganda the savannah meets the jungle in a burst of tropical green vegetation that alternates to lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

The highest mountain range in Africa, romantically named as "Lunar Mountains", belongs to Uganda. This is the point where not only Nile, the longest river in the world, springs from, but also Victoria lake, the largest tropical one in our planet. Uganda's wildlife, especially gorillas, chimpanzees and countless birds, is the key reason for one to visit this country.

But also on a cultural perspective, Uganda is a vibrant "mosaic" consisted of numerous tribes, of Bantu and Nile origins. The local languages spoken here are more than 30, even though in everyday life the most common are the english, the swahili and the lugano, the language of Bagkanta which is the main ethnic group of Uganda.

People of Uganda are considered to be welcoming, cheerful and friendly and despite the tragic events of their recent history, they managed to keep their country one of the safest inside the African continent.