Rwanda - Africa


In recent years I travel a lot to Africa and in every come back I try to figure out who is responsible for the tears its people shed. Is there any answer? Is it the remnants of colonialism, the wars that followed and have not ended, the huge internal debts, the pandemic of aids, the corrupt governments, the excessive population growth or the rapid urbanization?

Is it themselves Africans, who do not make provisions for tomorrow, simply because they stopped believing it will come? In this beautiful continent of extreme weather conditions and serious social inequalities, whose riches we all use to live, often without realizing it, I saw a remarkable human effort that I would like to share with you. Because this effort is made by optimistic people, little "Don Quixote", just like you or me, that managed to overcame themselves and this is so comforting and hopeful... At the same time of course it is an excuse of our governments' negligence and our own indifference to things happening around us.