Mexico - Day of the Dead


The journey around Mexico finally comes to an end. Maya meets the Greeks of Culiacan, a dynamic community of tomato producers and continues her journey to the south. She visits famous Guadalajara, the historic city with the strong electronics industry and the surrounding area, famous for its craftsmen. Later, she arrives in Tequila, the centre of the production of the popular liquor which is made of the unique blue agave.

The Day of the Dead is approaching and Maya visits Guanajuato, built on the western hemisphere's richest silver mines. Cradle of the Mexican Revolution and a place of bizarre sights, like the Mummies Museum - perhaps the quintessence of the Mexican obsession with death!

Maya will witness this bizarre relationship between the living and the dead, the result of the integration of two civilizations, in Lake Patzcuaro and the cemeteries of the villages around its shores.