This is a journey full of beautiful colors... Mali is one of the most troubled but also charming countries in the world. These are the territories where the most ancient african state flourished, the empire of Ghana. Together with Michael Petropoulakis and Leonidas Antonopoulos we start our trip from the capital, Bamako. What draws our attention is the colonial style of the place, definitely a french influence. Extreme drought conditions, a coup and 23 years of military dictatorship all ended in 1992, but left their marks on this place throughout history. Since that year, Mali lives happily.

We leave for Djenne, the impressive town with the famous mosque, the meeting point of the caravans loaded with gold and salt as well as the commercial and cultural center in the 13th and 14th century, the era of the Mali empire.

Now we leave Djenne and drive all the way to the magical land of the Dogon, the only ethic group of Mali that managed to retain its authenticity, customs and traditions, despite the fact it is the biggest tourist attraction in the country.

The Dogon are farmers. On the plateau they produce mainly onions, in the valley the famous millet. Previously that region was inhabited by the Telem hunters who held the magic; that is the reason why they built their homes high into the rocks. The Dogon, who came here to escape from the islamization and to preserve their animistic religion, expelled the Telem but also maintained and developed the art and the architecture of the magicians. Women work endlessly here... The millet, the children, the constant beating of the mortars, but also singing and rhythm... this is the story of their lives!