The new Istanbul


The "Traveling" returns to Istanbul with the chance of the events of Cultural Capital 2010. It visits new museums and exhibitions, it meets with Turkish thinkers and journalists, with Greek professors in the English-speaking private and public universities and it notes down the big changes that are taking place in a city we all think we know.

In this journey, Maya Tsoclis, among the rest, visits the Agia Sofia, which is finally released from the scaffoldings. She meets two modern, yet headscarf wearing, young female students, as she discovers one of the many sides of a complex society that is searching for its modern identity.

She wanders the neighborhoods of Peran and the renewed Galata, the so-called "New Soho" of Istanbul, designers' and restless artists', but also fashion designers' base that comes to absolute contrast with the Muslim "bourkini" of Fatih's neighborhood.

The "Traveling" in Istanbul closes with a taste of the modern Turkish cinema.