Wedding Rehearsal, Giannitsa


This documentary series captures one of the most important social contracts and commitments in one's life, that is the wedding. Starring in this series are the relatives, the friends and of course, the bride and groom-to-be. We capture their thoughts, doubts and anxieties. We get to know the customs, the particularities and the mentality of different social groups. We share their emotion with sensibility, respect and humour as well. Travelling around Greece for many years and capturing the social mores, what we always found impressive, besides the ceremony itself, is the process leading to the wedding ceremony. Friends and relatives, who always have something to say during the preparations, the touching awkwardness of the couple as they face the beginning of their life together and so on. All the participants hold a distinct role in this fine-tuned show, under the title "Wedding Rehearsal". Our cameras approach the protagonists, as we listen to them, discretely following them around, capturing the truth of the moment. Our presence is that of a friend: one camera follows the groom's entourage for a week and another one follows that of the bride. The two cameras meet again at the wedding ceremony.

The customs and practices - cuisine, dresses, rituals like the "bed-making", the shaving of the groom, and even customs brought from abroad, such as the bachelor party - common and different alike from place to place, are illustrated through the traditional habits of both the groom's and the bride's families.

Our characters are young couples living across Greece. Some of them are Greek and some of them are from abroad, people of different religious beliefs and economic status.

Our programme makes one smile and brings to mind the feelings of love and optimism, present in every new beginning. Finally, this series is not a "reality show" but a social documentary series, made with the consent of everyone involved.